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About Me:

About Me:

“As a Director, I love to work with the text itself.  I will reread a play extensively and analyze the plot, the characters, the theme, and the environment.  I will create a framework of the play in my mind – which included rough staging to preliminary technical elements.  My skill set is a more technical one in which I will multi-task as a set, light, sound, and projection designer.  In addition, my rehearsal process is described as fun but fast, beginning with reading the play several times, having discussions with the cast, then quickly transitioning to building character, blocking/staging, then adding tech elements.  With regards to blocking/staging, I encourage actors to move naturally rather than creating what I would call “structured traffic cop blocking.”  The best part of the collaboration process is discussing character development with a playwright.  I consider myself to be a “Playwrights’ Director” which means a collaborator who will always have the playwright’s back through the highs and lows of a theatrical process.”




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